open-boxKartarabar Department of Agriculture

The Kartarabar Group with about 30 years’ experience in the field of control system, steel, cement, agriculture, greenhouse , irrigation systems, commercial affairs, transport services, consultant and support services that is concluded from 4 main departments :

  • Agriculture , greenhouse , fertigation system and control and climate control systems
  • Cement, steel and control systems
  • Commercial and transport services
  • Crop production, greenhouse production management

In the field of agriculture, the main goal of Kartarabar team is to adopt the technology with the culture and to develop the whole industry by using effective methods.

In recent years we have been working with different foreigner companies in the field of greenhouse construction and the modern fertigation system, also we have established some offices in neighbor countries to develop our commercial relationships and business procedures , the offices are located in Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Dubai . In this way we have installed some projects in Iran as the modern greenhouse that will introduced later . The Agriculture, greenhouse and fertigation and control systems department is consisting of different section like commercial, technical, R &D and sales. The technical supervisors and managers are trained in Europe about the greenhouse structure, equipments ,the control programing and project management . the team member are well experiened especially in the field of greenhouse industry and they have worked for different well known agricultural companies in Iran before. More over the KARTARABAR group is having its own production line for greenhouse structure and systems in Iran to implement the turnekey projects.

open-boxFeasibility studies

  • Greenhouse Feasibility studies
  • Market and financial study and consultancy services
  • Presenting the operational and maintenance dosuments

open-box Layout and installation design

  • Designing the greenhouse and equipment layout
  • Designing the assembly plans and its related parts and connections
  • Presenting the mechanical and electrical calculations and plans

open-boxCommercial and buying the materials

  • Selecting and buying the appropriate material to produce the greenhouse structures
  • Selecting and buying the basic materials to produce the greenhouse structures
  • Selecting and presenting commercial and international services

open-boxConstruction and assembly

  • Preliminary, secondary and final Installation, supervision and control services
  • Supports and after sale services
  • Managing the industrial agriculture projects

open-boxTechnical design and control systems

  • Designing the electrical and control plans, consultancy the electrical and control systems
  • Designing , producing and assembly the fertigation systems
  • Programing and implementing the control system

open-boxTechnical and engineering consultancy

  • Selecting the high technology equipments
  • Installing the fertigation and drip irrigation systems
  • Master growing and production management

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